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Melaleuca stereophloia 50 seeds


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50 seeds per packet
sow : spring

Melaleuca stereophloia is an attractive large shrub with long narrow foliage, growing to 4m x 2-3m. The flowers are yellow to white and arranged in heads or short spikes on the sides of the branches. Each head contains 4 to 13 groups of flowers in threes and occur between August and October.  Full sun preferred or part shade and is hardy and adaptable to most soils and conditions. Ideal as a screen or windbreak.

photo courtesy of Gderrin/wikimedia commons/CC-BY-SA-4.0




Drought Hardy, Frost Tolerant


2M and Above


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Temperate


Clay, Loam


light to medium with some summer water


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