Can I return my order?

Please chose your selections carefully as we cannot accept returns. SA is a relatively disease free state and we can post almost any species to you however quarantine laws do not allow for the movement of a lot of species we sell back across the SA border.

Refund Policy

We do not accept returns or refunds for plants purchased at Trigg Plants. We may agree to exchange plants purchased prior to dispatch but cannot guarantee exchanges. Any overpaid amount, in the unlikely event of over payment during the checkout process, will be refunded to the customer.

Damaged Items

We post thousands of plants a year with no problems. However, these are live plants and sometimes things do go wrong and we understand that. In the unlikely event there has been a problem with your plants during transport please contact us on the day of receipt via email and attach a photo of the problem.  For Post Boxes, “day of delivery” is the day Australia Post marks the order delivered to your post box, not the day you collect the order from your post box. You can contact us via email at After that time their care and performance are your responsibility.

Damage is not one or two yellowing or damaged leaves on an otherwise healthy viable plant. Plants regularly shed lower leaves throughout their life and it does not affect their growing potential. If the plant is in flower it does not cover the loss of any flowers dislodged during transport.

We do not cover plants for orders that have been left in a safe place, either by your request or by Australia Post as we do not know the conditions that these parcels have been left in. Hot sun shining on your parcel will quickly cause yellowing and or browning of the leaves of your plants.

Collectors, you are welcome to order plants not suited to your area, but if they are marked as such we will not be liable for any losses in transport.