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Bougainvillea Magenta Glory in 150mm Advanced Pot

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Medium climber 2.5m x 1.5m but can be pruned to be kept smaller. Long flowering variety with colourful purple bracts maturing to magenta. Likes well drained soils. Drought hardy, over-watering reduces flowering. This cultivar is useful for covering fences etc, arbors and arches and can be used as a ground-cover on banks and slopes. Ideal for pots and containers on patios.

Our Bougainvillea are sent fully potted (not bare rooted) to provide you with the best quality product. Depending on the variety they may be trimmed for postage. Plant supplied will be similar in appearance to the photo of advanced Bougainvillea in 150mm pots. Plants may or may not be in flower at the time of dispatch.



2M and Above


Full Sun


Sub-Tropical, Temperate, Tropical


Clay, Loam




Drought Hardy