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Banksia robur in 50mm Forestry Tube

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Spreading shrub to 2.5 m although can get a little larger in cultivation. It has very large, leathery tough green leaves with serrated margins. The new growth is colourful, with shades red, maroon or brown with a dense felt-like covering of brown hairs. Plants from different areas seem to flower at different times, some spring-summer, others predominantly autumn. The stunning large flower spikes are metallic green with pinkish styles in bud, becoming cream-yellow and fading to golden-brown in the golden stage. Full sun or part shade in moist well drained soils including seasonally inundated soils. Suitable for coastal gardens. Attracts nectar feeding birds.

Photo courtesy of westflora



Coastal Tolerant


2M and Above


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Sub-Tropical, Temperate


Loam, Sandy Loam, Well drained




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