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Quercus and Assorted Deciduous Trees 20 PACK in 50mm forestry tube


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Random selection of 20 assorted Deciduous. All top quality plants ready for planting out
Full sun/part shade. Very hardy and adaptable to most soils and conditions. There may be multiples of the same species, species may or may not be those shown in photographs, depends on what is in stock. Ideal for filling large areas. See our store if you are after a particular species where they can be purchased individually.

Species may include

Quercus acutissima, macrocarpa, bicolour, daelachampii, rubrum, ceris

Acer pseudplantanus, palmatum

Fraxinus ornus

Sorbus acuparia

Cercis canadensis

Gleditisia triacanthes


2M and Above


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Temperate


Clay, Loam


light to medium