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Nicotiana alata pink in 50mm Forestry Tube


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GROWN FROM SEED COLLECTED FROM A PINK FLOWERING FORM – however colour cannot be guaranteed and may be any of the below.

Nicotiana alata is an attractive shrub growing 1.5-2m x 1.5m with spikes of lime green, maroon, red, white, yellow or pink flowers. The flowers are highly fragrant at night and flowering begins late Spring to Autumn. Unusual plant for the perennial garden that likes full sun or part shade in well drained soils. Some summer water may be required in hot dry climates. Deadhead to encourage repeat flowering. Can be an annual in cold climates so collect the seed to regrow the following spring.





Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Sub-Tropical, Temperate, Tropical


Clay, Sandy Loam, Well drained


light to medium with some summer water