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Hibiscus Powder Puff in 68mm Super Tube



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A taller hibiscus which is a vigorous grower. Striking evergreen rounded shrub to 4m x 2-3m. Dark green leaves. Large semi double delicate pink flowers from summer to autumn. Prefers sunny location protected from hot winds. Moist well drained soils, summer water may be required during hot dry spells. This variety is a robust grower and is an ideal hedging shrub.

Our Hibiscus are sent fully potted (not bare rooted) to provide you with the best quality product. Depending on the variety they may be trimmed for postage.

Photo courtesy of user Theblade28/wikimedia commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0


2M and Above


Full Sun, Part Shade


Sub-Tropical, Temperate, Tropical


Clay, Loam


medium, summer water required