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Digitalis canariensis in 50mm Forestry Tube


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Digitalis canariensis is an evergreen shrub forming a clump to 1m x 1m with serrated, oval, dark green leaves. Flowers are foxglove-like with a flattened appearance, reddish-orange or apricot in colour and held on upright spikes to 30cm in length during the warmer months. They are uncommon in the wild and relatively rare in cultivation. It’s a great plant to have in the garden as it has amazing flowers which bloom for long periods of time. Likes full sun or part shade in well drained soils. Drought hardy and moderately frost tolerant.


Under 1m


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Sub-Tropical, Temperate


Clay, Loam, Well drained


light to medium


Drought Hardy, Frost Tolerant