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Canna lily Kathys Star Bare Rooted



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Lovely small sized Canna. Size to 1m x 1m. Full sun part shade. Tangerine flowers fading to bright pink late summer to early autumn. Green foliage.

Canna are long flowering, adaptable plants growing from the tropics into temperate Australia. They flower Spring to Autumn in warmer climates and from Summer into Autumn, until the first frost, in temperate areas. They can be grown successfully in colder climates by overwintering in containers or digging up the rhizomes and replanting in Spring. Most well-drained soils are suitable but they do love moist enriched soils, so add a little compost and an extra water in summer and they will reward you well. Plant as a freestanding focal point or en masse to create a swathe of colour.

Our Canna are sent as bare rooted rhizomes.


Under 1m


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Sub-Tropical, Temperate




Clay, Loam