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Quercus frainetto in Advanced Olive Pot


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Quercus frainetto is a large deciduous tree growing to 38m native to southeastern Europe (parts of Italy, the Balkans, parts of Hungary, Romania) and Turkey.  The light yellow green expanding leaves turn rich dark green by the beginning of summer. The leaves are covered with minute russet hairs, especially the lower surface. The leaves are concentrated at the ends of twigs. The leaves turn brown, russet or yellow in fall and sometimes remain attached to the twigs until the following spring. The buds are large, long and pointed, shiny russet or light brown in colour.

Plant sent will be similar to one in photo 2

photo courtesy of user Utar Sigmal/wikimedia commons/CC-BY-SA-4.0



2M and Above


Full Sun


Cold, Temperate


Clay, Loam


light to medium