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Eucalyptus incrassata 50 seeds


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50 seeds per packet

sow : spring

This single stemmed or multi-stemmed mallee typically grows to a height of 2 to 5 metres (7 to 16ft) but can reach as high as 10 metres (33ft), it usually will grow to a width of 4 to 7m (13 to 23ft). It has rough bark on the truck that becomes smooth on the branches. The bark is smooth with a grey or grey-brown colour, it sheds in strips to reveal a paler layer beneath. The adult leaves are alternate, glossy, thick and palish-green in colour. Eucalyptus incrassata is used as a shade tree, mass planting will offer good screening, good for erosion control or as a windbreak. It is suitable for mediterranean and bush style gardens. It is tolerant of both drought and light frost. Able to grow in ordinary soil or enriched soil that is either acidic to alkaline and prefers a position in the full sun


Drought Hardy, Frost Tolerant


2M and Above


Full Sun


Cold, Dry, Temperate




Clay, Loam


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