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Eremophila hygrophana + Myoporum insulare ‘Drysdale’ in 50mm Forestry Tube

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A periclinal chimera, this plant looks like a science experiment gone wrong. It has the outer skin of one plant and the inner genotype of another. It is a fast, vigorous growing evergreen shrub to 2-2.5m x 2m. For the most part it has the leaf shape of Myoporum insulare but the foliage is greyish instead of green. However, sporadic branches will revert to type for both species meaning there will be three types of foliage on the bush. Each one of these types of branches will have different flowers. The dominant branches which have the grey Myoporum shaped foliage will have blue Myoporum flowers. The branches that revert to green Myoporum foliage will have white Myoporum flowers and the branches that revert to Eremophila hygophana will have purple Eremophila flowers. We have found it hardy and adaptable and it seems to like most well drained soils in full sun or part shade. Very drought and frost hardy. Responds well to pruning.


Drought Hardy, Frost Tolerant


1-2M, 2M and Above


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Temperate


Clay, Loam, Sandy Loam, Well drained




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