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Chrysocephalum apiculatum in 75mm Supergro Tube


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This plant is highly variable with many forms being localised to specific areas. This form is a lovely silvery foliage form 50cm-1m x 10-30cm. Attractive round yellow flowers  in spring and summer. Full sun for best flowering or part shade. Adaptable to most soils and conditions. Ideal for native and cottage gardens, pots, rockeries and borders.

*PLEASE NOTE during transit of this item some older foliage at the base of the plant may turn yellow. This does not harm the plant in any way and can simply be removed, and will be quickly replaced with fresh growth from the tips.

photo courtesy of user melburnian/wikimedia commons/CC-BY-SA-2.5


Under 1m


Full Sun, Part Shade


Cold, Dry, Temperate


Clay, Loam, Sandy Loam