Banksia ericifolia dwarf - small in size but large on flower, Australian native

Banksia ericifolia dwarf in 50mm forestry tube

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Banksia ericifolia dwarf - small on size but not on flower

If you struggle to grow Banksia then give this one a try. What a performer! It is great for any size garden at less than 2m and will tolerate a range of soils and conditions. We have this one growing on a heavy clay/loam that is wet in winter and drys out hard as rock in summer. It may be small in size compared to the its mother plant but it doesn't stint on flower size.

Size (hxw): 1.5-1.8mx1.5-1.8m

Soil Type: Clay Loam Sand

Climate: Cold Dry Temperate

Sunlight: Full Sun

Foliage: Evergreen

Watering: Light